- FIFA 17 Penalties Tutorial

FIFA 17 Penalties Tutorial
FIFA 17 has a new rewritten penalty system which gives you a more realistic control over how you approach and strike the ball in penalty kicks. As this penalty system is completely new in FIFA, you probably have experienced an uncomfortable situation when kicking penalties for the first time in FIFA 17.
Here we have a short guide on how to score penalties in FIFA 17:
Adjust your position (before you kick the ball) back, left or right using the right stick (R / RS)
Move and hold the left stick forward (L / LS) to run up to the ball and adjust your aim by moving the right stick to left or right same time
Finally, use the shoot button (O / B) to control the power and the height of your shot
FIFA 17 Penalties Tutorial
Change your starting position
Before you step up to the spot, the first thing you’ll decide is your starting position. You’re now able to choose to take a wider or straighter run-up by moving the right stick, as well as lengthen the run-up by moving the right stick backwards.
The angle and length of the run-up affects how you’ll approach and strike the ball. Longer run ups will increase the power on the shot, letting you smash the ball into the back of the net.
Different Run-ups
Once you’ve chosen your starting position, hold the left stick up to begin your run-up. You can modify your approach by changing its speed or by adding a stutter to your run-up.
To perform a stutter, tap L2 / LT as you approach the ball, a useful technique if you notice the opposition ‘keeper timing their dive to your approach.
Slow Run-up
To slow your approach down to give yourself more time to adjust your aim and perfect your timing, hold L2 / LT for the duration of the run up.
Fast Run-up
To speed up your run and increase the power with which you hit the ball hold R2 / RT.
Aim a penalty just like you would a regular shot in gameplay. As you approach the ball, aim by tilting the left stick (L / LS) in the direction you want to send the kick, and use O / B to add elevation and further power. Be careful to balance the risk and reward of aiming for the corners, as pushing the left stick too far to either side or holding O / B for too long will see your kick miss the target altogether.
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